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MPL ID Season 7 – Power Rankings: Which Indonesian Mobile Legends Team is the Strongest?



MPL ID Season 7 is fast approaching. The event is made up of the best teams from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang from Indonesia and will compete for the MPL ID Championship. The full rosters for each participating team have already been finalized and announced. Every team is ready and ready to go as the fans are all excited for the upcoming event. To host the upcoming MPL ID Season 7 tournament, we’ve put together a power leaderboard list based on each team’s performance and recent accomplishments. Here is our power ranking list for the MPL ID Season 7 tournament.

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MPL ID Season 7 – Power Rankings

MPL ID Season 7 - Power RankingsAura Fire, Onic, Genflix Aerowolf and Bigetron Alpha

8. Aura Fire

Aura Fire failed to secure a place in the MPL ID playoffs twice in a row. However, that did not deter the team. They have had great success in local tournaments like the Brasco Champion League Season 1 and Ramadhan Level Up, where they have been crowned champions. Needless to say, the team have finally secured a ticket to the MPL ID Season 7 and intend to stay here.

Their play during qualifying was impressive and their unorthodox strategies were more than remarkable. However, it remains to be seen whether that will be enough to take on the best Indonesian MLBB offers.

7. Onic Esports

While they failed to secure a spot in the MPL ID Season 6 playoffs, the team have learned a lot from their previous tournaments and are looking to raise the bar higher. However, with Antimage’s move to EVOS Legends, Onic Esports is much weaker than its previous iteration.

However, the squad still have remarkable team chemistry with playmakers like Sanz and Butssss in their roster and have the potential to defeat the biggest teams in the tournament.

6. Genflix Aerowolf

Genflix Aerowolf isn’t child’s play when it comes to Indonesia’s mobile legends scene. They secured a third place finish in MPL ID Season 3 and have consistently performed strongly over the years as one of the most formidable teams in the MPL ID esports scene. However, they just don’t seem to have that edge to allow them to compete with the best teams in the region.

The return of their veteran member, Kido, gives the team a much needed experience to create some surprises for their fans at the upcoming MPL event.

5. Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron has always been one of the Dark Horses of the MPL ID esports scene, often surprising opponents with their remarkable team chemistry in every match. The team has had great success in a few local tournaments, such as MLI Indonesia Qualifiers Season 1, where they were crowned champions; however, the team has yet to deliver in the major stages.

The talent and skills of the team are there, but the magic that makes them a threat to the Big 3 this season is gone. If they managed to rekindle that spark during the downtime before MPL ID Season 7 begins, they’ll perform a lot better than this power leaderboard puts them, but that’s a big ‘if’.

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MPL ID Season 7 - Power RankingsGeek Fam, Evos Legends, RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego

4. Geek Fam

Geek Fam’s surprising tactic, “Double Sidelane”, was one of the most unexpected game modes in One Esports MPLI. The team easily rubbed shoulders with one of MPL ID’s biggest names, Alter Ego. Although they did not claim the crown, they left the public speechless and seeking more.

They are able to pull out games from the best teams in the world, but at the same time can turn around and lose to anyone. It’s only fitting that they are in the center of our power ranking as they have looked a lot stronger than the teams like the teams under them for most of the season, but at the same time not strong enough to place in the top 3.

Needless to say, Geek Fam is definitely a team fans shouldn’t underestimate.

3. EVOS captions

Despite their lack of major champions last year, EVOS Legends continues to be a fan favorite on the MPL ID Esports scene. They secured second place in MPL ID Season 5 and even won the M1 World Championship, the Mobile Legends’ biggest esports event, until the M2 World Championship proved they had definitely the skills and experience to win championships.

EVOS Legends is definitely the dark horse of the MPL ID Season 7 as they are a class above the bottom half of teams, but they haven’t made a target like RRQ Hoshi or Alter Ego. Expect them to have a decent run, maybe even upset.

Maybe that can push them to claim the championship.

2. RRQ Hoshi

Defending RRQ Champions Hoshi is one of the biggest names in the MPL ID esports scene. However, since the departure of their hypercarry Xinnn, the team are struggling to balance their roster. Despite this, they still secured third place in the recently concluded M2 World Championship. With Xinnn out of the window, Alberttt will have a chance to show off and lead the team as a hypercarry.

The squad still has consistency issues, as some of their performances in the MPL ID Season 6 group stages show, but when they look good they look really good. Scary though. MPL ID Season 7 winning well. It will be a big demand to defend their title against the rampaging competitors. But if there is one team that can succeed, it’s RRQ Hoshi.

1. Alter Ego

Alter Ego is arguably the best team in the MPL ID Season 7. Despite several setbacks (Ahmad’s unavailability), they managed to clinch a fourth place at the M2 World Championship, being only beaten by Philippine powerhouse Bren Esports. at the M2 World Championships. The team won second place in the MPL ID Season 6 and have only gotten better since.

With the return of star player Ahmad to their roster, they have the potential to win MPL ID Season 7, and no one doubts it. But what sets this team apart is the height of this peak. With as many talented players as this team has and with such a legendary captain at the helm, Alter Ego has a chance to make history in Season 7.

Expectations are high for Alter Ego, but if they can play at the level they have reached in the M2 World Championship, they are well on their way to winning the title in MPL ID Season 7.

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