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MSC 2021 Playoffs Day 1 Recap: Day of Stomps and One Intense Brawl



The first day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2021 (MSC 2021) Playoffs was filled with clean sweep victories. Bigetron Alpha continues to perform well in the playoffs as they dominate Todak. RSG MY tried to counter Blacklist International by banning OhMyV33nus’ comfort picks such as Estes and Rafaela yet still got defeated. MPL ID Champions EVOS Legends took down Execration in a fist-clenching three-round match. Needless to say, the first day of the MSC 2021 playoffs was filled with action-packed matches. Here is a quick recap of what transpired on day one of the MSC 2021 Playoffs.

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MSC 2021 Playoffs Day 1: Recap

Bigetron Alpha Dominates Todak (2-0)

Despite Todak’s efforts in taking down the unpredictable Bigetron Alpha, they couldn’t last until the late game. Momo managed to scale decently with his Esmeralda on game one and Gloo on game two. However, Bigetron simply had a huge advantage during the late game with their constant map pressure that forced Todak into playing passively and surrender objectives. The match ended with Bigetron securing a clean sweep victory against Todak.

MSC 2021: Playoffs RecapTodak couldn’t get enough kills despite Bigetron’s feeding Diggie strategy.

Impunity KH Takes Down EVOS SG (2-0)

Impunity made sure EVOS SG could not contest the objectives, even if they had to sacrifice some of their team members in the process. This seemed like a bad trade for Impunity, but EVOS SG kept losing team fights due to misplays, allowing Impunity to gain an advantage in kills. Impunity KH won the match against EVOS SG thanks to their patience and the ability to take risks at a cost of greater rewards. 

MSC 2021: Playoffs RecapImpunity KH won the match with their impressive risky playstyle.

Blacklist International Overwhelmed RSG MY (2-0)

RSG MY tried to ban Jhonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna’s comfort heroes like Estes and Rafaela but it didn’t stop the team captain from opening up opportunities for his team to win team fights and secure objectives. Mark “Eson” Gerardo provided utility and map control for his team, enough to prevent RSG MY from securing any kills. Needless to say, it was an easy victory for Blacklist International against RSG MY with a score of 2-0. 

MSC 2021: Playoffs RecapBlacklist International was unstoppable.

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Execration Bowed Down to EVOS Legends After an Intense Three-Round Match (1-2)

Execration managed to secure a win during game one fairly easily. Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog finally picked his iconic Khufra against EVOS Legends during game two. However, EVOS Legends managed to recover thanks to an impressive outplay from Perdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin’s Ling and Maxhill “Antimage” Leonardo’s Alice at the 9-minute mark, which flipped the tide and allowing EVOS Legends to win. 

MSC 2021: Playoffs RecapFerxiic outplayed Execration and escaped.During the final match, EVOS Legends allowed Execration to pick their comfort heroes Claude, Yve, and Ling. However, EVOS Legends had full map control the entire match, allowing them to roam freely around the map and take down turrets. Execration tried to even the tide but EVOS Legends managed to secure a win before they could recover. The match ended with EVOS Legends securing the win with a score of 2-1. 

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