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Multishow and Grupo Globo speak after protest by Ludmilla



Ludmilla (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

After the singer’s explosion


, criticizing the

Multishow Award

for not having been nominated in any of the main categories of the night, Grupo Globo decided to publish a statement a day later, this Wednesday (10/19).

In the declaration, they state that: “

We spoke with Lud earlier, actively listening, and we understood his position. We know that today’s world is still far from ideal representation and we will continue to work on whatever is needed to evolve.

“, has begun.

“In 2019, we created the Multishow Prize Academy, a group of around 500 music-related specialists – critics, journalists, businessmen, record companies, broadcasters, entrepreneurs and representatives from all genres and regions across the country. to elect the nominees for the Multishow. Prize (which they then have the public choose their winners). But we are aware that the fight for diversity must be daily and we understand that we must be even more committed to the cause. “

Globo Group

Multishow’s profile on


also released a statement, stating that he is following the career of


for years and continue to honor him. “

Multishow has been with Lud since the start of his career. We have a long and solid partnership which allows us to always exchange ideas to evolve together.

“Over the past few years we have been proud to have Ludmilla’s presence in numerous editions of the Multishow Award, both with unforgettable performances, as well as in 12 nominations, earning the singer of the year award. and Chiclete Music in 2019 and Music of the Year in 2020. Lud is also competing this year with two nominations – Hit of the Year and TVZ Clip of the Year ”


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