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Naiara Azevedo is hospitalized after experiencing severe stomach pains



Singer Naiara Azevedo needed to be hospitalized at Prof Magalhães Neto Municipal Hospital, in Brumado (BA) during a trip, after experiencing colic and severe stomach pain. The singer said that she arrived crying at the scene, but that after being medicated, she already feels much better.

“Good morning today is different! [Estou] on a stretcher taking saline, calm down people, let’s not create panic! I felt sick to my stomach and we had to stop on the road, because I had a lot of colic, a lot of pain in my stomach. Then we found a hospital in Brumado and I’m being treated very well”, shared the countrywoman in her stories.


She also recalled that this is not the first time she has felt such severe pain and assured that she will seek medical help, to try to find out what she has: “Again Naiara and her stomach pain crises. Let’s see it!”

Naiara also reaffirmed that she is being treated very well by the medical team. The singer shared some stories laughing and having fun with them, even though she’s still getting the serum. “I arrived here crying in pain and I’m already here playing with the crowd. They gave me a medicine that cuts the pain right away. (…) Upbeat guys, receiving a lot of affection, listening to a lot of gossip here ”, she concluded, reassuring her fans.

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