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New Apex Map Called Olympus



Although the Apex season 6 release date is still a month away. We already have so many different rumors and leaks, it seems like it’s next week. There have been a lot of rumors about an entirely new map that could change the entire game.

However, that’s not all with a rumor that follows the Legend to Come is connected to TitanFall 2. This rumor has much more merit because it is Ash from the game. By being directly connected to the biggest update, the missions of the game.

Why does Olympus sound familiar?

Olympus has been mentioned several times throughout the lifetime of Apex Legends. With connections to Loba and Revent. This being the place where their trailers took place.

Also Lifeline and Octane also seem to be familiar with the place. If this is the case and the next map is Olympus. Hopefully, the next mission will go into more detail on why they are both more familiar with the area than other legends.

How could you change the game in the next season?

However, with that said, how could the map dramatically change gameplay in the future? This is because the map is drastically different from the last two that we have had. The next map is rumored to be a map that will have elements similar to cities with many buildings.

Olympus is said to be a flying city, although the fact that it is flying may not change much. The fact that you can settle in a city will be a massive change and it will be difficult to get used to. If this is true, it probably annoys a lot of professional gamers who don’t seem to like the change.

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