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New Big Navi AMD Radeon Pro workstation GPU leaks online



AMD has another GPU on the way, and it’s a lot more colorful than the old one. A leak from the Chiphell forums has revealed a mysterious new Radeon Pro graphics card. If these leaks are true (they should be taken with a grain of salt like any other leak), this could be our first sighting of Big Navi Radeon Pro GPUs. .

At first glance, it would be fair to believe that it is not a new card, but a Radeon Pro VII or Radeon Pro W5700. However, slight differences in the appearance of the card’s cover and fan distinguish its design. And, seeing how the card is clearly labeled as an engineering sample, it is still in development. This is not a previously released card, it is something completely new and that points to RDNA 2.

Sadly, it is impossible to know exactly what the capabilities of this Radeon Pro card are from this leak. Another sticker on the back of the card says it comes with 16GB of memory, courtesy of Samsung. However, that’s all we have for now. However, we can assume that the card is based on the design of one of the existing 6000 series GPUs.

Will this letter hold up against the competition?

At this time, we have no idea when this card will be released, or what its MSRP could be. That said, we know what it will eventually compete with, and it looks like AMD has a tough battle ahead of it. The AMD Radeon Pro GPU featured in this leak will trade blows with Nvidia’s Ampere workstation cards. These GPUs are no laughing matter as the already released RTX A6000 has a whopping 48GB of memory. That card, which costs more than $ 4,000 USD, is Nvidia’s flagship workstation card, and two more with 24GB and 16GB of memory are rumored to be in the works.

Amd Radeon Pro Leak 1

Image via Chiphell

Amd Radeon Pro Leak 2

Image via Chiphell

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