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New Demon’s Souls gameplay trailer shows new area and boss fights



The Demon’s Souls remake is arguably one of the best reasons to get a PlayStation 5 on launch. Now, we see plenty of new gameplay footage thanks to a new trailer. Check it out below!

It’s hard to believe now but when the first Souls game came out, it actually kinda flopped. At least on launch. The PS3 exclusive action-RPG only achieved cult status after extensive word-of-mouth PR of its early fanbase.

Today, the series is one of the most popular out there. Even credited for creating an entirely new genre with Soulslikes. Demon’s Souls still remained a niche entry due to PS3 exclusivity.

Soon, things will change. Well, it’s still exclusive to only one system, Sony’s upcoming PS5, but the excitement from the gaming community is bigger than ever.

In the new gameplay video, we see the iconic Stonefang area. We see not only locations and enemies in the highly-improved visual make-up but also two boss fights. In case you’re new to Demon’s Souls you might want to steer clear of spoilers.

Despite all the new bells and whistles of a new generation, the attention of Bluepoint Games to authenticity is remarkable. As a Demon’s Souls veteran, everything feels instantly recognizable.

Thanks to heaps of previews, we further learn plenty of exciting details. For one, the pesky and long load times of the PS3 original are gone. Thank God. They were a real mood killer and just awful for the game’s punishing nature.

Furthermore, a new camera system aims to deliver a more cinematic experience. Purists can toggle between the new one and the original, however. Likewise, visual filters will enable various styles that range from the original color palette to black & white, and the new look. Personally, the latter one looks just sublime.

The ingenious yet punishing World Tendency mechanic remains in the Demon’s Souls remake. But new additions to the UI will convey information clearer to the player. One highlight is the Fractured Mode which mirrors the entire world map. A welcome addition for veterans and even better for newcomers who look for variety.

Last but not least, we get confirmation that Demon’s Souls will not offer a new area. The original infamously showed a broken archstone – gateways to each area – which led to hopes that the remake would reinstate it.

Demon’s Souls launches on November 12th exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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