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New Frontier Pass has Kublai Khan leading China and Mongolia



Last week, Firaxis unveiled Vietnam. It’s the newest nation to join Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass and is run by Lady Triệor.

Today, the studio unveiled another ruler, a fellow named Kublai Khan. It turns out that he is an alternate leader for both China and Mongolia. One can only think of the possible synergies it can bring to the table.

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass – Say hello to Kublai Khan, ruler of China and Mongolia.

Kublai Khan’s Leader Skill is known as “Gerege”. If you have selected it, you will get additional policy space for your Civilization VI to run. Similarly, you will also get a random eureka or inspiration after setting up a trading post in another civilization’s city for the first time (this can only happen once per civilization).

Of course, since you can lead China or Mongolia, you also have to consider civic skills. First, China’s default ability, the “dynastic cycle,” allows eurekas and inspirations to award an additional 10% science and culture. Combined with “Gerege” by Kublai Khan, you can see a pretty reliable means of competing for technology and civics. Obviously, it goes without saying that you would have to get by without Qin Shi Huang’s urges for builders.

As for Mongolia, you will lose Genghis Khan’s bonuses to cavalry units. In turn, you will see that “Gerege” has a good synergy with “Örtöö” from Mongolia. Since the civilization skill automatically establishes a trading post the moment you send a trade route, you can unlock eurekas and inspirations much faster. Don’t forget that “Örtöö” also grants diplomatic visibility and additional combat strength through trading posts.

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In general, you are looking for balanced bonuses that should help your income and your gradual progression. These factors should make Kublai Khan a viable alternate leader for both China and Mongolia in your future games.

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass “ Vietnam and Kublai Khan The DLC will be out on January 28. You can watch Kublai Khan’s reveal video below, as well as visit our guide and feature hub.

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