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New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass



It looks like we may get some massive announcements at E3, but we’ve already been offering three new games that will hit Game Pass before E3. All of the games are slightly older than some of the games that have recently hit Game Pass, but they are all decent games worth trying if you haven’t already.

For Honor (Cloud and Console) – June 3

First of all, we have For Honor, one of the best sword fighting games. For Honor brings together three of the most iconic warriors in history in a single game. These are Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. There is a decent story, but it is the fantastic multiplayer mode that you play this game for.

Backbone (PC) – June 5

Then we have Backbone, a Noir-type game where you play as a detective in a world of human-like animals. It is a beautiful pixel art RPG that looks interesting. The detective and animal humans have been done before, but I don’t think it’s been done this way before.

Darkest Dungeon (Cloud, Console, and PC) – June 10

Then finally we have one that I missed and always wanted to play because of its very interesting game mechanics. Darkest Dungeon on paper could be a simple role-playing game, but instead focuses on the stress of combat. He has created a mechanic that makes you die from the stress of combat.

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