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New Reports Showing That We Are Getting A New Switch This Year.



A new Switch has been rumoured for a long time now. While Nintendo hasn’t confirmed speculation that we were going to get some information in the last Direct. However, there have been a lot of rumours throughout the last year. There has been more in-depth information on what the new Switch could be like.

The new rumours come from BloomBerg that says a lot of different information on the new Switch being dubbed the Nintendo Super Switch will be like. None of the current rumours has been confirmed by Nintendo.

A new rumour from Bloomberg

In this new report from Bloomberg, it has said that the next variation of Switch will support 4K. This makes sense as Nintendo was asking their developers to make their games 4K ready. Although this information was heavily rumoured. There has been some more information.

That suggests that the Super Switch will be a 7inch screen and developed by Samsung. This is all the information that has been said about the new Switch. It also seems like a Switch is coming this year. The end of the year in November is the most likely time to see the new Switch release.

Are we getting a new switch this year?

If we are getting a new variation, a big game needs to be released around the new variation. At the moment, we don’t have that with no games confirmed for the second part of the year. The obvious choice for the game that should release alongside the Switch’s new variation should be Breath of the Wild 2.

After the recent Direct, it is starting to feel like the game is way too early to release. As it feels like an announcement should have happened then, especially with Splatoon announced for next year. Making it feel very much in the air what is happening. Unlike Nintendo, they are confident to release a big new variation of their console without a massive game to release alongside it.

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