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New VALORANT Skins “Oni” Collection Released



New VALORANT skins have found their way onto the games store. In a datamine leak earlier this week, the Oni skins were found. A skin for the melee weapon, Phantom, Shorty, Bucky and Guardian are all in the pack. The skins feature a red design with silver barrels at the end of the weapons, with the melee sporting a menacing face with blades that mimic fangs. 

So yes, once again, VALORANT is releasing some amazing skins. But they will, once again, damage your wallet. The Elderflame skin pack released earlier in July turned heads with design and price. That pack set players back by a whopping £75 price tag. 

The Oni skin pack should be a little more forgiving. The price is 1,775 points or 7,100 for the bundle. This comes out to around £16 for individual skin and £55 for the entire pack. Prices for skin packs in VALORANT have been large, but they have always looked pretty amazing, besides, it is a free game. 

What was huge for this pack was the inclusion of a Phantom skin. The Vandal, the other main rifle in the game, has received far more skins including the Elderflame. Yet the rifles are about equally used, maybe even leaning more towards the Phantom. 

There are even four different variations of the Oni skin for the Phantom. 

u/deepanshu18 Reddit

u/deepanshu18 Reddit

/u/deepanshu18 Reddit

It’ll be interesting to see where new VALORANT skins go from here. 


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