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Nicolas Prattes is the Monster and is in second place in ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’



“It’s a heavy costume, it must weigh around 15kg. And I could feel it, it seemed to me that the Monster was talking to me. I was born here (on stage), my mother had me at 17 and had me. taken to the aisles of the stage. A kiss to the stage. my mother, everything is for you. I am and am in this profession because of her “.

Rodrigo Lombardi says Nicolas was the one who understood the program best and Eduardo Sterbitch praised the actor. “I will miss it a lot. I had a phrase that I kept repeating all the time backstage, it was: even if it’s your last performance, go with your heart, ”said Nicolas.

This Tuesday night, October 19, Monstro and Unicorn had the last showdown of the season and Unicorn won the day, with a vote from the judges.

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