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Nimo TV Announced NPL Pro 2020 Featuring SynerGE and SouL



After the success of their first NimoTV NPL event, the live streaming platform is back with another PUBG MOBILE event called NPL Pro 2020. The online tournament promises to host a bunch of game influencers and casters high level.

So far, the event will include high-level teams. Some important names are Team SouL, MegaStars, SynerGE, HBX and Revenge. NimoTV PUBGM League Pro is scheduled to run from July 13 to July 30 and registrations will take place between July 8 and July 15.

NPL Pro 2020 format

NPL Pro 2020 will have four group matches followed by qualifications, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The dates are as follows:

Qualifications: July 13-17

Quarter-finals: July 18-19

Semi-finals: 24th – 25th semi-finals

Finals: July 27-30

The selection

NPL Pro 2020 has general rules to be followed by all participating teams at different stages of the tournament. They are:

Qualifiers: There are 300 teams in total, and for each match, 4 teams will be selected. These teams will compete in a total of 15 matches lasting 5 days.

Quarter-finals: 21 teams and 3 wild card teams will advance to the semi-finals and play 6 games in three days.

Semi-finals: 16 teams will be selected for the final. Here, there will be matches between 16 invited teams and 24 qualified teams (YouTubers + T1 Teams). There will be 4 games per pool with a total of 8 games.

Finals: There will be 3 regular matches each day and a surprise match that will last 2 days.

Players can only use their mobile phone and no emulator will be allowed and creating a Nimo ID is a must for NPL Pro 2020. Each team must have at least one.

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Distribution of the NPL Pro 2020 prize pool

The tournament has a decent price to win. Here is a breakdown of the prize pool:


First Prize: $ 1,400

Second prize: $ 600

Third prize: $ 400

Special prices

MVP: $ 100

Best streamer: $ 100 x 3 = $ 300

It will be interesting to see how the number of Indian viewers will eventually be divided between PMWL East, which has now been delayed, and NimoTV NPL Pro. While the best in India are among the first, teams like SouL, MegaStars and SynerGE are big crowd shooters.

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Nimo TV has organized various tournaments for PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends. Launched in 2018, they have become a great streaming platform that has seen an increase in recent times with its expansion in India and now in Southeast Asia.

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