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Nintendo Direct Mini – Kind Of Good, If We Didn’t Have To Wait Nearly A Year… 



Even though, there’s a lot of complaints about the Nintendo Direct Mini. It really feels like, if you take a step back. That the direct was actually a half decent Direct Mini. The only reason why it got so much hate is due to the fact that we haven’t had anything for so long that peoples’ expectations were so high. It is not really the fault of the fans though as the last proper direct was back last September. This is obviously the big reason why people thought we would get some massive announcement in the next Nintendo event. There is also the fact that we have near to nothing to look forward to from Nintnedo at the moment this year. 


The games that were announced were good. 


The games announced in the Nintendo Direct Mini were actually ok. Even though we knew about the biggest game shown. We actually got a year when Shin Megami Tensei V, a game which was announced way back i n 2017. That was thought to be cancelled and is still on the way next year. We’re also getting a remaster of Shin Megami Tensei 3, a very exciting announcement that everyone is overlooking for stupid reasons because it was a small direct. Then we got 3 DLC packs for a very popular game; Cadence of Hyrule . All these announcements were decent, we didn’t get anything really bad and for a Nintendo Direct Mini it was good. 


It was good for last minute but weird


The only reason it’s really getting so much hate is down to the fact that we haven’t had a Direct for so long. Even though we do have a theory on that which we will cover fully in the future. Looking through the Direct Mini and at the announcements though. It feels like they were pretty good, although it seems like it focuses on RPG fans kind of and that’s probably half of the likes. In a very small direct, you can’t please everyone.

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