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Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Starts Soon



Finally, we might get some news about new Switch games. A Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase broadcast will be taking place later today. It’s the first of its kind.

Thank the good lord, today is the day we will finally be getting a bit more news regarding upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. In the tweet that announced the Partner Showcase, Nintendo said the following:

Today at 3pm (UK time), we’ll debut the first #NintendoDirectMini: Partner Showcase, a new series focused on titles from our development & publishing partners. We’ll share a few updates on a small group of previously announced #NintendoSwitch games.

There isn’t a lot more information on who, or what will be appearing in the Showcase, though. However, Rogue Company did RT the announcement tweet from Nintendo of America with a cryptic message which would suggest they will be one of the developers on the show.

The fact that it will showcase a small selection of previously-announced titles, none of which are Nintendo First-Party titles, may mean that it is less exciting than we’d all like. But, it still might be worth checking out. I can imagine that there will be some release dates dropped for titles without them. There may even be a surprise or two.

Nintendo Direct Mini
Sadly, we probably won’t see Mario today…

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Will Run For About 10 Minutes

The Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase will start at 3pm (GMT), 7am (PT), and 10am (ET). 

In other Nintendo news, Super Nintendo World is still in development. Check out all the new footage and images here.

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