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Nintendo Mini Partnership Direct October Announced No More Heroes 1/2 And Bravely Default 2 Release Date Confirmed. 




We had the final Nintendo Mini Direct Partner showcase and with all things considered, it ended the year with a bang. The Direct was around 20 minutes long and had some good announcements. With a good mix of indies and massive games that are coming to Switch. There is also a good amount of games released today after the direct. 

The highlights of the showcase

Looking through the whole Direct, two massive games stood out. Apart from the Hyrule Warriors game getting a demo. It was No More Heroes and Bravely Default. Bravely Default got a release date of February 26, 2021. The biggest announcement was No More Heroes. With No More Hero 1 and 2 releasing on Switch today.

We also got a trailer for the next game; No More Heroes 3 which has been delayed until 2021. The trailer did show off some of the events that will take place in No More Heroes 3 and just seeing some gameplay footage shows that we’re definitely getting it sooner rather than later. The fact that we can now play the 1st and 2nd game now on Switch is amazing and a massive surprise. 

Still many games we don’t know about 

It’s looking like this is the last Direct of the year making it that we haven’t had a proper direct this year. If that does turn out to be true, there are still a few Nintendo games we have near to no information on. Metroid Prime and Bayonetta 3 are some of the Nintendo games we have near to no information about. We won’t have any information on them until next year.

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