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No Limite: Ninha goes to court against Pedro after suffering a hate attack



Ninha will sue Pedro's family for attacks suffered on social networks

Ninha will sue Pedro’s family for attacks suffered on social networks

Eliminated from No Limite last Thursday (23), Ninha Santiago exposed on Instagram prints of attacks she has been receiving from Pedro Castro’s family, eliminated last Tuesday (28). “I’m going to start going to court. I’m already seeing the legal staff, for people to realize that they can’t say what they want”, she said.

In several Stories on Instagram, Ninha revealed that she knows who people are and that she has a way of proving that they are family members of Pedro, still saying that she is being a victim of machismo. “Man can play, but when it’s a woman playing, it’s foul play. I haven’t played foul at all! I have proof of that!”, she added.

“And another thing: there are several things that you don’t know, that didn’t air. But now, the G1 people are letting the conversations go, and those who didn’t believe us before or who didn’t understand anything about the last portal, I I’m going to put these videos up right now,” he continued.

Next, Ninha published two videos: one was Lucas talking to the boys from Tribo Lua, about Pedro’s game, and the other was Tribo Estrela talking about prejudice, while the participant denied that he would have articulated a vote for Ninha just because of the fact. her being a woman. “The aggressor trying to convince that he was the one assaulted,” she wrote alongside the video.

“Just for you to understand the level of the person’s game. Lying or articulating is not a problem, it’s part of the game. Now just don’t be a saint, huh? You have to hold your B.Os!”, he said.

“It’s done for me! I don’t want this subject in my Stories anymore. Whoever asks me live, I’ll talk about it, I’ll bring my truths. I have the right of defense. If haters come, I’ll take legal action. If I have to show it, I’ll show it. This is nobody’s land!”, he concluded.

So far, the participant Pedro has not commented on the matter.

*With the collaboration of Gabriela Ramos.

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