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No Man’s Sky Is Getting The Dead Space Treatment 



Even though I never really forgave No Man’s Sky. I can’t even deny that they have done a lot to make No Man’s Sky worth playing and now they’ve announced something a bit out of character for the game. Even though at the moment, we don’t have too much information but the mode has been compared to Aliens and Dead Space, both true horror games and films. Explore long forgotten ships that may have hostel life on board. The developer behind No Man’s Sky has said that we may see remnants of past life meaning we may see some zombies onboard the ships. 


Could it actually be scary?


Looking at the trailer, there will be bug-like enemies spread around the ships and some drones. Although it doesn’t really seem like you’ll be hiding behind the couch for this one. It does look very enjoyable as it turns the tone of the game completely around. It also is procedurally generated making all ships different and it could even have different enemies on board. If that happens some ships could be scary with only having a small taste of what’s to come. We could actually be looking at the closest thing to a Dead Space sequel.  

What could be added to this game in the future? 


This new update could have been predicted as we would have never thought that No Man’s Sky would go down this route. It makes us think, where could this game go afterwards? There is no telling what could come next. If I was to guess, having maybe different modes added to the game like online modes. This is way off what No Man’s Sky is about. With how out of the box No Man’s Sky is going, there’s no telling what their next move is.

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