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North Korea has 21 Covid deaths in ‘biggest ordeal’ in history



North Korea on Saturday recorded 21 more deaths related to Covid-19, in addition to 174,400 new potential cases, two days after reporting its first infections, while leader Kim Jong-un qualified the current crisis. sanitary as “the greatest ordeal since the foundation of the country”.

The state-run KCNA news agency published an update on epidemic data recorded up to the previous day, following an emergency North Korean Politburo meeting chaired by Kim.

According to the balance sheet, since the end of April and until the previous day, 524,440 people were detected in the country with fever of unknown origin (as the regime seems to be referring to the pandemic disease), of which 234,630 would have recovered and 288,810 would be getting treatment.

In turn, the number of deaths recorded by the country and linked to this symptomatology has now reached 27, of which at least one tested positive for Covid-19, as reported by the North Korean government.

“The Politburo discussed practical policy measures to quickly suppress and control the spread of infectious diseases across the country,” KCNA said. Kim, who stressed the seriousness of the situation, called for the strengthening of quarantine measures to overcome “the crisis” and assured that most patients are facing a “mild” form of the disease.

The leader of the North Korean regime also defended the strict closing of borders that his country carried out in 2020, with the outbreak of the pandemic, and asked local authorities to improve their quarantine systems and raise awareness of their importance.

Kim also attributed the current epidemic situation in the country to the “incompetence” and “irresponsibility” of the organizations that should manage the quarantines, stressing the importance of studying the policies applied in other countries and their achievements.

North Korea on Thursday reported its first outbreak of Covid-19 since the pathogen was detected more than 2 years ago. The situation is worrying due to the degree of contagion of the detected variant, the subvariant Ômicron BA.2, and the fact that the country has rejected the donation of almost 5 million doses of vaccines by the Covax consortium, not having applied a single dose in its population nor have a national vaccination plan.

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