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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 8 – Ootheca Dungeon, Demon Turtle Yurmala Boss, Invasion of Great Lagoon and more | Articles



There is no walkthrough like Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Pocket Gamer walkthrough because Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Pocket Gamer walkthrough does not stop not.

Yes, we continue, and in this episode of our Walkthrough, there are twists and turns after completing the legendary dungeon, Ootheca, defeating the Demon Turtle Yurmala, and fighting an invading legion that threatens the Great Lagoon.

All of this and more just below in Part 8 of our walkthrough, but of course you need to make sure you stay up to date with all of our previous and future walkthroughs, which you can find below. .

Previous guides:

  • Part 1 – Pirate Hideout, Galactoss, Arne Beacon and more
  • Part 2 – Save Trin, Arne Invasion, Hoverbike and Sernoa Station
  • Part 3 – Sernoa Station, White City, L’Istrait, Deep Jungle, and more
  • Part 4 – Chief Owru, Deep Jungle Treasure, Owru Shrine, Beacon Hill Dungeon
  • Part 5 – All Spheres of Power, Prita Beacon Underground, Firebird Boss Solutions
  • Part 6 – Submeria, The Great Lagoon, Thunderstones and more
  • Part 7 – Thunderstones, get the Dive Helmet, enter Ootheca, and more

Future guides:


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