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Odyssey alpha Phase 2 features deathmatches



Phase 2 of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC alpha has arrived, taking us one step closer to full release. Frontier Development announced today that the new expansion update includes a handful of additional features. There are new areas to explore, new unlockables to collect, and dangerous fighting to the death to survive. Additionally, the team fixed some bugs from the first stage of the Alpha.

The new PC Alpha phase is now available to players and Lifetime Expansion Pass owners who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion Pack, ”according to the press release. Perhaps the most important feature of the update is the conflict zones on foot. These 12v12 matches feature both other players and the AI, so get ready to fight. As shown in the video below, you can register for a faction in a Conflict Zone through the Frontline Solutions desk. To win, your team must defeat the enemy faction. When you kill enemies, you receive combat bonuses that can be exchanged for in-game credits. The victory of the winning team will be taken into account Elite Dangerous: OdysseyWar and affect the outcome.

In addition to conflict zones, phase 2 of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC alpha adds Commander access to starships, including the Cobra Mk III. There is a new starting system called Nervi, as well as a new area of ​​the galaxy. Players can also purchase a new spacesuit, called the Manticore Dominator.

Goodbye bugs

Elite Dangerous: OdysseyPC Alpha was initially released on March 29 with plans to add more phases later. However, the roadmap changed quite quickly, as fans reported a number of bugs in the alpha. Frontier has already gone to work to address these issues with the launch of phase two. According to a development post in the Dangerous elite forum, Frontier modified some missions and the map for better gameplay. He also noted that the team is aware of a serious “Orange Sidewinder” bug in the second phase and has asked players to submit detailed reports if they find the bug. This will help Frontier to resolve the problem faster.

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