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Olaf in Wild Rift Might Be Getting a Nerf



Olaf in Wild Rift might have a nerve, as Wild Rift manager Jonathan Chao has hinted. Jonathan posted a sarcastic article regarding Olaf, talking about the champion’s weakness and the fact that he needs “+100” for all of his base stats to make him viable in the game. Olaf has dominated the game since Kennen took over. received a nerf on the previous patch. This is due to her Ultimate Skill, which allows her to be invulnerable to any type of crowd control effects while also enjoying a huge stat boost that can turn the tide of a team fight in seconds. . This has led gamers to complain to Riot Games about how powerful this champion is in Willd Rift.

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Olaf in Wild Rift might have a nerve

Olaf is a viable champion to play in the path of the jungle and the baron. His tenacity paired with decent damage allowed players to snowball late in the game and secure objectives as quickly as possible.

However, Olaf is not as overpowered as Kennen was. He’s still weak against ranged champions who can push him during the laning phase, forcing him to play it safe and lose a lot of gold and exp. However, as soon as Olaf hits level 6, he seems to be fearless as he can charge without worrying about crowd control effects and just chase down targets with ease.

It looks like the developers are already keeping an eye on Olaf. Wild Rift Game Director Jonathan Chao posted a sarcastic post on Twitter detailing how he thinks Olaf is too weak for the current meta. This hints that the developers are aware of Olaf’s overwhelming presence in the game and risk upsetting the champion soon enough.

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Ping Spike issues in Wild Rift

Jonathan Chao also informed fans that the developers are aware of the ping spike issues they are experiencing, indicating that Riot Games is already working to resolve them. Gamers had huge ping spikes despite their stable network connection. These spikes can go up to “999” and make the match completely unplayable. The game manager said the next balance patch will be released within two weeks.

Riot Games has yet to make any official announcements regarding its next balance fix. The last balance patch they created was for the Lulu and Orianna nerves to increase the windows of vulnerability for both champions, giving players a chance to fight against these support mages.

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