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On the beach, Jade Picon comes out of the sea and proves that she got her best little sun



She knows she won! Jade Picon blew the hearts of her fans on social media by sharing clicks in which she appears enjoying a beach day in Rio de Janeiro in the middle of winter. The muse became a subject this Tuesday (12) and caused controversy with her good shape.

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The influencer took advantage of the sun to renew her tan and proved on social media that she guaranteed a super bold mark for the rest of the week. Jade showed off her healed body with a burgundy lace-up bikini and left the crowd in love!

“We just need to learn to surf”, fired a follower, who also compared Jade to a mermaid. “This girl is too beautiful”, praised another netizen in the comments of the publication. “What woman is this? My God,” said another, shocked by Jade’s beauty. Check out the clicks:

Jade Picon walks away from social media and reveals why

New appointments! Recently, Jade Picon became the subject of social media because of her disappearance. Away from her profiles, both on Instagram and Twitter, the influencer opened up about the reason that led her to take a break from the internet these days.

The muse explained that she is busy because of her career as an actress, as she was cast in the soap opera “Travessia”, in which she will play the romantic partner of none other than Chay Suede. Jade said that she is dedicating herself to this new phase.

“I know I’m a little missing, but it’s because I’m dedicating myself 100% to this new phase of my life. I promise I will make it all worthwhile and I love that you guys understand this and support me.”

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