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Outriders Already On The Road To Success.



Outriders felt like it would be a hidden gem. After not gaining a big fan base leading up to the release. It looked like that, too, with a recent demo releasing showing what Outriders are capable of. After playing ourselves and reviewing the demo, we can say that it does blow expectations out of the water.

We will be covering the review when the game comes out on April 1st, so stay tuned for that. Before then, though, let’s have a look at the current success of the Outrider, with the demo already being downloaded more than 2 million times.

Demo done right

We didn’t get just a small bit of the game in the recent demo but the introduction and the first act. There is no doubt that the amount of content we got was one of the benefits of the demo. It also got a decent amount of support from the studio, with updates to perfect the demo. This makes the whole demo feel like a kind of Beta test but done in maybe a more risky way.

It did feel when first trying out the demo that the glitches and bugs were dominant. Making the experience feel slightly lacklustre, although after playing for a couple of hours, the gameplay did make up for it. The fact these glitches will be fixed does make up for them being there in the first place. Making it feel like this is the right way to do a demo.

Past experience shown through gameplay

The game may feel familiar to many people who have played, maybe Gears of War or maybe in even Fortnite. This is due to the studio being involved in the development of both games. It feels like it does mix both of the games in its combat. However, it does blend in some RPG element for good measure.

There is a lot of what makes these games great with a cover system that doesn’t want you to stay in one place. This, mixed with the health you get from fighting, gives a good mix of aggression and cover-based combat. That may even put the Gears of War series to shame.

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