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Overcooked: All You Can Eat Coming To PS5 And XBox Series 



If you don’t know what Overcooked is, where have you been? It’s probably one of the best couch co-op games to come out over the past couple of years. Even though it has broken some friendships and relationships, I’m still in the dog house for throwing a tomato from a hot air balloon. Overcooked is a very simple game that all you really have to do, on paper, is cook and prepare food. It’s the actual way you have to rely on other people to get the 3 stars. Then there’s the amount of different areas you can cook in. The location goes from Chinatown to Space. 

If anything, there are more than All You Can Eat!  

The new remastered Overcooked for the next generation. It will include both games and all DLCs. The most recent DLC Sun’s Out, Buns Out is included in the All You Can Eat collection. That’s not all though as it will include everything that they’ve released that includes over 200 levels and 120 cooks. It will also be 60 frames per second and will have 4k possibilities. This will be the best way to cook food with friends in space and you can hold me to that.  

Could we get a third game for the next generation? 


This does spark some rumours that a third instalment could be in its way. Overcooked could just add more DLC as it has had DLC support for 2 years now. That would make more sense unless they want to change the formula massively, just adding more DLC to an already great game does make sense for Overcooked, although a sequel to Overcooked 2 is most likely still on the card for the future. 

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