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Overwatch 2 Will Automatically Open All Of Your Hidden Loot Boxes, So Press Space If You Want To Have Fun Opening Them Yourself



A sort of sequel is less than four months away, and with it, some pretty major changes to exactly how players get cosmetic items.

Loot boxes will be replaced with nine-week battle passes, and new currencies will replace the original in-game currency.

Recently found out that some people actually like to hoard their loot boxes. An impossible task for me due to my poor self-control.

Commercial director Jon Spector has assured accumulators that their merchandise will not be lost when Overwatch 2 launches.

“We are not porting loot boxes to Overwatch 2, and any unopened loot boxes will be automatically opened prior to launch, so all content will be transferred to your account,” he wrote. in the Reddit AMA.

But what about all the in-game currency you earn by completing the required roles and earning duplicate cosmetic items? Surprisingly, they will also be transferred.

But for those hoping to collect all the Overwatch 2 cosmetic items, nothing will come of it.

Spector stated that “The OW1 currency will be carried over to OW2, but our new virtual currency will be the main currency, and there will be things in OW2 that cannot be bought with OW1 currency. So the OW1 currency will be separate.”

It’s unclear if some items in Overwatch 2 will be purchasable with Overwatch 1 currency. It’s most likely that this currency will only be for what can be bought in the original game, and any new additions will require a new currency.

Community Manager Jody Grace also revealed that we would finally be able to see and play with the new hero models in the second beta. This is something I didn’t see in the first one.

There are a few more interesting things in the AMA; for example, the team will be able to consider the idea of ​​​​adding some sort of guild or clan feature in the future.

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