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Overwatch Kanezaka map added to game for FFA plus a Hanzo challenge



If you are still interested in the colorful hero shooter that is Blizzard Supervision, a free in-game gift awaits you. A new free-for-all map in the form of Kanezaka has arrived Supervision, and there is more than just a new battlefield. The map comes with its own set of challenges and cosmetic rewards. The Kanezaka Challenge runs from January 12-25, and players can expect to snag an icon, spray, and new Hanzo skin.

Just win three, six, and nine games, respectively, and those rewards are yours. You can even rack up victories in the different Supervision modes for the Kanezaka challenge. That means games in Quick Play, Competitive Play and Arcade mode count towards your progress.

Furthermore, there are also rewards through Twitch drops. Just tune in and watch your favorite Supervision streamers during this challenge, and you could walk away with a ton of new sprays.

Two hours on streams will grant you one, four hours will see two additional sprays, and six hours of watching will bolster your collection with three more sprays. For those who already look Supervision airs regularly, this is a great way to reward your dedication to the game and its community.

Overwatch Adds New Kanezaka Map Along With Hanzo Challenge (1)

More to come

The new Supervision map Kanezaka is inspired by Tokyo, Japan. It is also geographically close to the Hanamura map in the game. In December 2020, game director Jeff Kaplan teased several Easter eggs that would shed more light on the lore in Overwatch 2. Both Hanzo and Genji will be the center of attention, and this new map will likely be the first of many taunts to come.

With Blizzard actively developing the sequel to SupervisionWe’re ready to find out more at BlizzConline this February. Meanwhile, you can enjoy more intense battles in Supervision on the Kanezaka map.

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