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P.A.M.E.L.A – Review   – Gamestingr



Before we start, thanks to NVYVE Studios who provided the code. Now, let’s get into the review. When I started the game, I had no idea that this game was in the survival horror genre, making this game already a huge surprise when starting this game.

Although after realizing the genre, I turned on the light, made myself a hot chocolate and prepared my teddy for the game.

Scary but …

The atmosphere of the game is done well with dark spaces everywhere and with almost no way of knowing what’s around the corner. There are some lights around, but it doesn’t change much of the atmosphere. The game continues as there is so little that it hardly makes a difference. It has many details in its design of enemies and the environment.

This added a lot to the atmosphere that I really needed for a horror game. With all this though. It’s the real story that gets disappointed and the kind of lackluster gameplay that makes this game drop a couple of ratings. However, he is scared enough to be a nice game and will help him get through the whole game while waiting for the next scare.

A very nice scary game with glitches

Although the central game scares you enough to keep you involved at all times. It is the true story that lowers your rating. Although personally, he really wouldn’t choose a survival game for his story.

I’d choose it for its excellent graphics and atmosphere, and this game has this going for it. Make this game a must-have game for any survival horror fanatic. However, if you don’t like the genre, this game won’t change your mind.

Rating: 6.8

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