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Pac-Man 99 Review – A Great Game To Play While Doing Something Else



I’ve played 128 games of Pac-Man 99, but I’m only half sure I know what I’m doing. Devoid of any kind of tutorial, Pac-Man 99 lets players learn and understand their systems on their own, making it a frustrating introduction to a visually charged game. However, once I got past that initial hurdle, I found myself hitting Pac-Man 99 time and time again – if only because of as it is discreet.

Taking inspiration from Super Mario Bros. 35 and Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99 is a modern take on the Pac-Man action you’ve known for four decades: Wind around a maze collecting tiny granules and Bigger pellets while avoiding the five onscreen ghosts that can end your run. The twist here, however, is now that you’re pitted against 98 other players online. Pac-Man 99 is, essentially, a battle royale experience where you take on the group to be the last player standing. Most of the game includes classic Pac-Man maze action, but the pickups on the left and right sides of the maze allow you to swallow ghosts and send attacks to other players, such than the Pac-Men ghost that can slow down. or end a player’s run. Overall, I found this variation on the familiar formula to be a fun challenge – knowing when to save your attacks before unleashing them on the opposition is satisfying.

However, getting to the point where you actually understand how to play Pac-Man 99 is a whole different story. The game does not have any type of tutorial, which leaves it up to players to figure out how to actually play the game. If you are willing to bang your head against the first dozen matches (a frustrating experience, this is the game). less than one can say), you end up understanding. But in the early hours of the morning, there’s so much going on onscreen that Pac-Man 99 seems impenetrable. At the start of my playing time, the complete lack of tutorials discouraged me.

Although I have since learned to take advantage of Pac-Man 99, many of his systems remain baffling. Using the Nintendo Switch’s face buttons and the right analog stick, you can choose ways to attack other players, with options titled Stronger, Random, Speed, Knockout, and more. However, I never fully understood the clear difference between some of these attacks. Pressing and moving the buttons doesn’t provide detailed visual feedback, and it’s unclear how my attacks impacted other players.

Despite thisI still enjoyed my time with Pac-Man 99. While many systems are opaque, through enough trial and error, I have become good enough to place myself in the top 25 frequently. Other Battle Royales, Pac-Man 99 matches are relatively quick and reloading into a new match is painless, which I also enjoyed. In addition to the battle royale mode, Pac-Man 99 also offers Score Attack, CPU Battle, and Time Attack single player modes, although overall I found them to be unremarkable and not as fun as the base mode. It’s also worth pointing out that all single-player game modes are locked behind a $ 15 payout wall, as are much of the cosmetic content, but the battle royale mode is free. If you’re craving more Pac-Man, it’s definitely there, but as far as I’m concerned the best this game has to offer is the free mode.

Pac-Man 99 isn’t a particularly difficult game, but it’s engaging, and I found myself wanting to play more and more. However, the electronic music playing on the menu and during games is repetitive and boring (there are maybe two or three songs in the whole thing), so Pac-Man 99 has become my favorite podcast game. Which, if you ask me, is an underrated genre. The other night I sat down and listened to the new episode of Today explained by Vox while playing – I recommend it, it’s a good one.

To enjoy Pac-Man 99, I had to come to terms with the frustrations of learning his systems. While it poorly and embarrassingly explains the hows and whys of its mechanics, once you’ve figured it out yourself, it’s a good way to fill the lulls of your day. Pac-Man 99 has become my go-to when I want to do other things, and I can’t think of much higher praise for a game of this caliber. It fills a niche in my life where I can stay busy with something fun without having to devote my increasingly limited attention to it.

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