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Paes says that 71% of the population over 12 years old is fully vaccinated in Rio and that test events were successful



Mayor Eduardo Paes said on Tuesday (19) that 71% of the population over 12 is already fully immune, meaning they have already taken both doses or just one dose. Compared to the total population, which includes children, the percentage is 61%.

Paes also assessed the test events held in the city as positive, as even without masks required, no cases of Covid have been confirmed so far. The city is monitoring 5 suspected cases.

“We had a surprising result. The contamination rate from all test events was lower than the average contamination in the city and there were no serious cases or hospitalizations. This proves that the vaccine works, ”said the mayor.

The results of the tests were published in a bulletin last Friday (15), but it was not until Tuesday that the mayor decided to comment on the results.

There were three events, two parties at Copacabana Palace and one party at Alto da Boa Vista on October 2 with 5,000 people. It was the first time that there was a big event in the city without a compulsory mask.

Flexibility of the study of the State and of the capital

Health Secretary Alexandre Chieppe said on Tuesday (19) by phone that he would discuss the release of the use of masks with technical advisers, and that he was awaiting approval of a project by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) to announce the measures.

The bill to relax the use must be voted urgently on Thursday (21).

Experts are concerned about the end of the mask requirement, given the fact that in some municipalities less than half of the population has been fully vaccinated.

The information was disclosed by the town halls:

  • in Seropédica, 41% of the population is immune;
  • in Burns, 42%;
  • Duke of Caxias, 50%;
  • New Iguacu, 54%;
  • São Gonçalo has 62%;
  • Niterói was the city that vaccinated the most so far: 70% of the population is immune.

According to UFRJ researcher Chrystina Barros, we must consider the movement of people between the municipalities of the State.

“We cannot ignore our inclusion in a metropolitan region closely linked to its economy, to flows, to the movement of people, which has other municipalities that still do not have the same levels of improvement that we have. here, no vaccination coverage ”, we specify. the searcher.

“Liberalizing the use of masks in open spaces does not present a risk if there is no overcrowding. Therefore, I recommend that the person take the mask and if there are too many people to use it immediately, ”explains infectious scientist Roberto Medronho.

The city of Rio plans for next week the decree that frees Cariocas from wearing masks in open places and makes the flexibility of masks conditional on full immunization of 65% Population.

But the lack of vaccines in Rio has done little to advance the campaign in recent days: between Monday (18) and Tuesday (19), the percentage of the population fully immune only increased by 0.1 percentage point.

For the release of the masks next Tuesday (26), Rio municipal health secretary Daniel Soranz, in an interview with Bom Dia Rio on Monday (18), predicted an advance of 0.7% each day.

The booster dose for the 68-year-olds is not expected to be resumed until next Thursday (28). The city is expected to receive a new shipment of vaccines on Wednesday (20).

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