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Paola Carosella announces end of marriage to Jason Lowe: “It’s over”



Chef Paola Carosella has announced the end of her marriage to Irish photographer Jason Lowe. The couple have been together since 2013. In a statement on their official Instagram profile, the former MasterChef Brasil judge said “the reasons and the whys” will always be theirs.

“I have to tell you that my relationship with Jason is over, we’re not together anymore. The reasons and the whys will always be ours, but you encouraged us, you were moved by us, you gave so much love, that I feel that you are also part of this story “, he wrote .

“In a few weeks I will be 49 years old, 7X7. For those like me who believe in sétenniums and their strength, it is a unique and magical moment. I’m fine, surrounded by love, I have the best friends and partners I could have dreamed of, a beautiful family, thousands of amazing projects going on, and a feeling of having done everything I could have done. do, as I have always done, ”she added Paola.

The Argentina also assured fans that they will continue the program on YouTube, in which Jason makes constant appearances. “Our cooking continues, and it will always be our kitchen because it is mine and all of you. One more reason to thank all the love we receive there every day. Love therefore, which is full and overflowing. Thank you, ”she concluded.

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