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Paquito in Mobile Legends Might Be Getting a Buff



Paquito in Mobile Legends might have a buff, according to the survey provided by Moonton. The hero was released last month and has since received mixed reactions from the community. The developers think Paquito’s start to the game is pretty strong. However, his late-game presence is slightly lackluster and needs adjusting, despite constant complaints from players asking Paquito to nerf. This was announced as part of an in-game investigation, asking players what needs to be adjusted on Paquito in Mobile Legends. Here are more details on the developer’s plans to improve Paquito in Mobile Legends.

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Paquito in Mobile Legends could have a buff

Paquito is often considered overpowered by the ML community. This is due to the incredible early game presence that allows him to be both durable and dangerous. However, he is left out between the middle and the end of the match due to his ultimate skill which places him in the middle of a team fight with no way to escape.

According to the survey provided by Moonton, they believe Paquito in ML is a very unique fighter. He shines brightly during the early stages of the match. However, he struggles in the middle of the game in team fights where the other fighters have no issues to deal with. The developers have said they want to hear player opinions on the matter. Moonton asked which aspects of Paquito needed to be adjusted and offered players the following options.

  • Its burst damage abilities at close range.
  • The extent of his ultimate control.
  • His passive speed boost and shield.
  • Damage nerf at the start of the game, with a buff at the end of the game.
  • The cooldown and range of his blink skill.
  • Other (Please specify)
Paquito in Mobile Legends could gain buff according to Moonton investigationThe survey provided by Moonton.

The survey then asks players what other suggestions they can provide for the adjustment of Paquito in Mobile Legends.

Many ML players have agreed that his ultimate is the main issue as the distance to the scoreboard is too small and can put them in an awkward position during team fights.

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Moonton is known to post polls regarding their upcoming in-game content. However, this is one of the few instances where they seek player opinions regarding hero adjustments. Needless to say, we may be able to see an endgame buff for Paquito in Mobile Legends soon enough.

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