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Party that brought the president of Peru to power passes to the opposition



The Marxist-Leninist Party free turkeywho took Pedro Castillo to the presidency, will now be in the opposition, announced this Thursday 30 the leader of his parliamentary bench, which increases the isolation of the ruler.

Castillo, in turn, renounced his militancy in Free Peru, something that the party leaders had asked for two days ago, under the threat of expelling him.

“We are definitely not a government bench”, said parliamentarian Waldemar Cerrón, leader of the bench and brother of party leader Vladimir Cerrón. As an expression of this new position, the congressman anticipated that the bench will vote today in favor of censoring the Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache.

He argued that Free Peru will act as a “propositional opposition”, as opposed to the “obstructionist opposition” of the right-wing parties that dominate Congress. “We will not be a bench that will be opposing for the sake of opposing”, said Cerrón.

Differences between Free Peru and Castillo deepened last Tuesday, after the party asked him to “irrevocably” renounce his militancy, a step the president finally took on Thursday.

“I presented to the National Electoral Court [JNE, na sigla em espanhol] my irrevocable waiver of membership in the Peru Free political party. Such a decision is due to my responsibility as the president of 33 million Peruvians”, wrote Castillo on his social networks.

“I feel respect for the party and its foundations built in the 2021 election campaign,” he added.

Free Peru accuses Castillo of not having put the party’s program into practice, nor having fulfilled his electoral promises, and doing just the opposite, “implementing the losing neoliberal program”.

Vladimir Cerrón, a doctor trained in Cuba, tweeted that the decision was a “unanimous agreement by the Party, Political Commission and Bench”.

The conflict between Peru Livre and Castillo comes as a congressional commission investigating the president for corruption will recommend a constitutional indictment against him, which could lead to a request to remove him from his position, which he has held for 11 months.

Free Peru accuses Castillo of undermining party “unity and discipline” after the government’s bench was divided into three blocks. The party now has just 16 of the 37 parliamentarians it won in the 2021 elections, and has become the main minority in a Congress where no party has a majority.

Castillo, a 52-year-old rural teacher, was a presidential candidate for Peru Free, a party he arrived as a “guest candidate” in September 2020.

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