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Pastor proposes to wife at her father’s funeral and is criticized



A South African pastor divided opinions on social media when he proposed to his grieving girlfriend in the middle of his father’s funeral – and just a few meters from his father-in-law’s coffin. Although it doesn’t seem to be a recommendable act, due to the delicacy of the moment, everything indicates that she said “yes”.

The episode was recorded by one of the guests and shared on the pastor’s own TikTok, where it reached more than 278,000 views.

In the publication, the man wrote: “Marriage proposal to the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears”.

According to information from the New York Post, the pastor presided over the service, which was held especially for the wake of his father-in-law, one of his churchgoers. In the footage, the man’s daughter is seen sobbing in the front row near the coffin.

Then, suddenly, the pastor kneels in front of his girlfriend with a microphone and makes the request. At this moment, many people around him shout in surprise reaction. The video ends with the man putting a ring on the woman’s finger, who apparently said “yes”.

The pastor also stressed that he was grateful to God for being in his girlfriend’s life during a difficult time and that he hoped the proposal would comfort her in some way, as she was very shaken by the loss of her father.

However, when sharing the video on social media, the pastor received a barrage of reproofs for his act. Many netizens accused him of being an opportunist, for taking advantage of the woman’s suffering for his own benefit.

One user wrote: “Your attitude was totally wrong. No matter how you try to justify it.”

Another classified the marriage proposal in those circumstances as: “Mistaken.” A third said: “The proposal was disrespectful on all levels.”

On the other hand, some followers came out in defense of the pastor and said that his initiative was out of love.

“Maybe his wish was to propose while his father was still alive,” wrote one user.

And someone else speculated, “He probably thought, ‘You may have lost a parent, but I’ll be with you.’ That’s love.”

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