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Path of Exile 2 has a new trailer and 20-minute gameplay breakdown video



While some players enjoy alpha for Diablo II: Risen, developer Grinding Gear Games came along and broke the party with more Path of Exile 2. During a live stream earlier today, the developer released a new second trailer for Path of Exile 2. Grinding Gear then followed up with a breakdown video of the game that is nearly 20 minutes long. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s dig deeper.

First of all, a little about Path of Exile 2. The game is undoubtedly a full-blown sequel to its nearly 8-year-old predecessor. However, the developer makes sure that old and new players can enjoy everything it has to offer without any hassle. Path of exile and its sequel are Connected Universes, which means new players can immerse themselves in any of the games on the same client. And older fans can grab their existing characters to experience the all-new campaign and sequel changes right away. Path of Exile 2 includes a seven-act campaign, a redesigned skill gem system, new ascendants, more characters, and improved graphics.

Speaking of graphics, they are full screen on the new Path of Exile 2 trailer. The game looks great, both in lighting and special effects. Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson later spoke about the sequel’s improved animation system. Everything from attacking and navigating is nuanced, even down to your character’s walking animation. In the game trailer and breakdown, you may notice how the character slows down when using an item, giving the basic movement more realism.

Never alone in the desert

The 20-minute video of the game takes place in the second act of Path of Exile 2. In a barren desert, we are shown a character on a quest to open an ancient door for a caravan. In fact, the search method “go here and do something” will not be forgotten in the sequel. However, the video gives us a good look at two new classes of weapons: the spear and the crossbow.

First, we see the spear. This is a melee and ranged weapon class, allowing you to engage enemies near or far depending on your mood. The class can use a mobility ability like “Disengage”, which allows it to fly backwards while launching projectiles. A “Whirling Slash” ability creates a small whirlwind around you that slowly builds up before exploding. There is also another ability that makes grotesque spears protrude from the ground, slowly damaging enemies.

The crossbow is another new class of weapon, focused on long-range combat. Skill gems are used to change the type of bolts, ranging from incendiaries to armor piercers and ice. The video shows how these different types of bolts can work together. For example, you can freeze enemies in place before using armor-piercing shots to take them down.

Path of Exile 2As Wilson put it, it “definitely” won’t see the light of day in 2022. However, the team also revealed the upcoming expansion, which may help you. Path of Exile: Ultimatum will be available on April 16.

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