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‘PEC da Bengala’: Lira prioritizes raising the age limit for nomination to the STF



Arthur Lira in a bra
With the decision, taken the day after the approval proposed by the CCJ, Lira accelerates the processing of the case, which, behind the scenes, is seen as a maneuver to allow magistrates having a good dialogue with the Center to be chosen. for future vacancies on the Supreme Court. To research (photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agncia Brasil)

A day after the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC), which lowers the mandatory retirement age for Federal Supreme Court (STF) judges from 75 to 70, was approved by the Constitution Commission and justice (CCJ), the president of the chamber, Arthur Lira (Progressistas-AL), has decided to give priority to another measure related to the Court. He created this Wednesday 24, a special commission of analysis of the PEC which raises from 65 to 70 years the maximum age of appointment in the courts.

With the decision, taken the day after the approval of the proposed CCJ, Lira speeds up the processing of the case, which, behind the scenes, is seen as a maneuver to choose magistrates who have a good dialogue with the Center for future vacancies in The Supreme Court.

The text, written by the deputy Cac Leo (Progressistas-BA), saw its admissibility approved by the CCJ on Tuesday. On the same day, the collegiate church gave the green light to a proposal dubbed the Bengal PEC, lowering the maximum age for court ministers. If this change were adopted, the proposal would force the retirement of Minister Ricardo Lewandowski and Minister Rosa Weber of the STF. Both are 73 years old.

According to committee members, however, Lira has no plans to bring Bengal’s CEP to plenary. After the CCJ, the text will also have to be submitted to a special commission. So far, however, the Speaker of the House has only determined the establishment of the collegiate that will deal with the age limit for the appointment. The special committee is one of the stages foreseen in the process before a proposal is voted on by all the deputies.

Informally, deputies say that the PEC intends to open a window that allows the future appointment of ministers with transit between parliamentarians and allies of President Jair Bolsonaro. Among the possible beneficiaries are Ministers Joo Otvio Noronha and Humberto Martins of the Superior Court of Justice. Both are 65 years old.

During his first term, Jair Bolsonaro was able to come up with two names for the STF. Kassio Nunes Marques, appointed in October 2020, and Andr Mendona, former Attorney General of Unio. The Mendona meeting was held at the Senate CCJ by Senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP).

In justifying the presentation of the PEC, Cac Leo indicated that the increase in age encourages magistrates not to take early retirement. “Judges and magistrates who reach the age of 65 do not have access to higher courts (with the Bengal PEC in effect) and, since they have no prospect of career development, many end up asking. early retirement. As a result of this scenario, they increase. spend money and get lost in the experience and moderation, both necessary for a good magistrate and obtained at the cost of many years of work, ”he said.

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