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Persona 5 Strikers: Final boss guide



And here we are: the true and genuine final boss of Persona 5 Strikers. False God Demiurge is a wonderfully varied fight with a wealth of mechanics, making for a fitting ending. I mean, it wouldn’t be a Shin Megami Tensei game if you didn’t hit Some kind of a god in the face at the end, even if it’s fake.

First things first: this fight involves each of the Phantom Thieves, so make sure they are all equipped to the best of their ability before entering this battle. Yes, even the ones you haven’t been using.

Defeating False God Demiurge opens up the post-game, and yes, there is an EX fight for this boss (in addition to the regular fight). I’ll go over it after the regular boss battle.

False God Demiurge: Phase One

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge

Drains: None
Null: None
Resists: Wind, Fire, Electricity, Ice, Nuclear, Psi
Weak for: Damn blessing

When the fight starts, what you want the most is to hit the boss a bit while staying as safe as possible. Until Oracle finishes its analysis, its attacks will largely come from nowhere. Once it’s ready, you can start racking up damage.

False God Demiurge will use approximately five attacks in this phase, although none of them are indicated by text, so I will be guided mainly by what He says as it uses every attack.

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 2

Shiny hammer (Oracle warns him of a frontal assault) He has beams of light coming out of the front of the arena in two waves. Back off a bit, then move between them.
Rays of judgment (Oracle warns of a flanking attack) It will have beams of light coming from the left side of the arena, but they will only pass through the front half of the area. Stay back and move once they pass.
Orientation stars (Oracle says they will track you) Summons a charge of stars that slowly focus on you. Keep running to avoid this.
Light ray (Oracle warns that the platform is about to be bombed) It will rain a real hell on the platform, so use the cables to move to another platform and continue the fight there.
Finally, if Oracle says that it is surrounded, hit the wings blocking the cables. This will also reduce False God Demiurge a bit, allowing you to get some free hits.

Simple enough, right? Correct.

False God Demiurge: Phase Two

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 3

But of course It has not finished. This is kind of a mini-phase while Oracle does another analysis, but there are still four new attacks to avoid.

Maragidyne: A multiple launch of fire orbs that will focus on you. Keep running.
Mabufudyne: A triple launch of ice orbs that point where you are standing and emit a shock wave. Walk away, then jump to avoid the shock wave.
Maziodyne: Many random places on the platform will light up and fry. Avoid those points.
Magarudyne: A single whirlwind that follows you across the platform.

After Oracle finishes its analysis, you are done with this phase for now.


Persona 5 Strikers Spheres

You must now split into three teams, with two teams each taking on six spheres, while Joker and the rest fight False God Demiurge. There is a great mix of elemental affinities across all spheres, but considering the false God Demiurge himself, I’d recommend that his “main” team be Joker, Sophia, and Zenkichi. The first set of spheres pretty much all have weaknesses, while the second set doesn’t – the only weaknesses in the second set are Bless, Psi, and Lightning, so you might want that team to include Haru and Ryuji. However, it is up to you. Just make sure you have at least one character you feel comfortable playing with on each team; That is the most important.

Now you will play each battle sequentially, although technically they take place simultaneously. In the first set of spheres, you want to take note of Keter and Chesed in particular. Chesed likes to cast healing spells, so it’s an easy pick to take out first. Meanwhile, Keter summons Lock Keepers, and they don’t need to play with you as you try to take down six mini-bosses at once.

With the second set of spheres, Malkut summons hordes of shadows, while Hod likes to cast Megidolaon (which, once again, draws you to him). These are probably your priority goals, but frankly almost every sphere does something nasty. One unleashes Blessing and Curse attacks; another casts elemental spells. Either way, you will have to delete them all.

False God Demiurge: Phase Three

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge 4

Technically, this is just “Phase Two, but correctly”, but to hell. It’s the last gasp of this boss.

In addition to all the previous attacks, False God Demiurge now has a host of new ones. Two nameless involve your spear – one is a series of three spears that you ideally need to dodge, and another one slides the spear horizontally across the sand and then back. Jump on that one. Then there is the rest:

Makougaon: Slow moving Bless spheres that follow you.
Maeigaon: Kind of like the Shining Hammer, but with curse orbs – they’ll start at the front of the arena and move forward. You should be able to jump them safely.
Megidolaon: This points to the center of the platform and attracts you; just run away.
Voltaic purge: TO massive beam of energy that follows you from platform to platform. Get on the cables and move the platform, and keep moving To avoid this.

None of those new attacks are particularly nasty except for Voltaic Purge, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve got what it takes to take down the False Demiurge God for good.

EX Refight

Persona 5 Strikers False God Demiurge Ex

And then there’s the EX fight, which unsurprisingly is pretty nasty. This is probably one of the last requests you’ll want to make after the game – equip yourself with better Personas and some ultimate weapons before you tackle this.

First of all, the attacks are intense and fast in all phases, and they find a space to hit. anything it’s a bit of a mission. There are also changes to the attacks themselves. Shining Hammer’s second wave of lightning is much closer, making dodging them that much more difficult. Not only that, but when the wings block the sides of the arena, the energy beams will target where you are standing. You can’t just sit on a wing and hit it or you will be destroyed.

What other thing? Well, in the Spheres stage, the minions will polish the spears and you’ll start to see a bunch of -Dyne-level spells flying.

Treat the EX fight against False God Demiurge primarily as a longer survival battle. Take it easy on the actual phases against Demiurge himself, and learn both his attacks and when it’s safe to participate. The AI ​​generally does a good job dodging things and dealing damage, so sometimes your role will just be to stop everything from targeting you. With the spheres, choose your targets carefully and focus on them. If you start to get interrupted by Lock Keepers or another Sphere that is launching multiple annoying attacks, perhaps it is worth dealing with them first.

It’s the longest fight in the game (even discounting the fact that it has so many phases!), So be prepared for the long haul. But if you deleted most of the rest of the post-game content, you should be in good shape for this.

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