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Persona 5 Strikers guide: Bonus Request bosses



After playing Persona 5 Strikers For a while, you will start getting requests from Futaba, which has been spotting blue butterflies. Unfortunately for you, these blue butterflies coincide with strong Shadow readings appearing in prisons. But there is an advantage! Taking these requests and hitting these bonus bosses on Persona 5 Strikers It will give you the ability to merge them as your own Personas.

However, these enemies are not to be taken lightly. They are bonus bosses, and will possibly destroy the unsuspecting even faster than Dire Shadows. Fortunately, that’s what this guide is for. If you are looking for these request bosses, we have their identities, strengths, weaknesses and attacks. If you have trouble finding them, simply accept the request and scroll through the map of the relevant jail. They will appear as a request icon.

Please note that there are spoilers inside. You’ll be in spoiler territory when you can take on most of these anyway, but consider yourselves warned.

An ebony god descends: Seth

Persona 5 Strikers Seth

The first bonus boss request in Persona 5 Strikers is “An Ebon God Descends” and is in Sendai Jail. Turns out this is Seth and he’s around level 51.

Seth has many strengths and not many weaknesses. He null fire, wind drains, And it is strong to curse, so you probably don’t want to bring Morgana or Ann. Fortunately, it is weak to blessSo Sophie is a good choice. As for his attacks, he mainly uses physical abilities, weapons, and curses.

This gives you a few options, depending on the People you have available. Arahabaki is relatively low level, but is still a solid choice, since it nullifies the curse and is strong for both physical damage and weapon; This will turn the fight into a kind of war of attrition. Hecatoncheires is another strong option as it drains Curse, allowing you to heal yourself from some of Seth’s own attacks, and his attacks are mostly physical. Depending on how you have fused it and how high it is in the level, it probably also has some healing and enhancement abilities, in addition to Endure, that will allow you to survive a fatal blow.

Still, you probably want to bring at least one Person with some Blessing skills with you. I love hitting those weaknesses.

The Hound of Hades Howls: Cerberus

Persona 5 Strikers Cerberus

The second bonus request boss in Persona 5 Strikers“The Hound of Hades Howls” asks you to fight Cerberus in the Osaka jail. This oversized pup is around level 57, and he’s not exactly a pushover.

As expected of the underworld guard dog, Cerberus drain the fire attack and is strong against Nuke. Rather, it is weak to ice. His own attacks are almost exclusively physical and fire-based.

I made this additional boss with a combination of Yusuke, Sophia and Ann, although this maybe it was not the best option. As long as Yusuke has ice, he will die. a lot against the large number of fire attacks that Cerberus uses. Nonetheless, Sophia and Ann as healers were nice, and Ann’s innate resistance to Fire helps a lot.

This is also the first time that we have to start talking about individual attacks. Assault Dive is a straight race so run to the side. Double Fangs are repeating melee attacks, so stay away. Maragion is likely to discover it the first time; This is a directed fireball that hits the place where you were standing and then explodes outward in a wave of fire. Basically run until the ball is thrown, then jump on the shock wave. Finally, Burning Hell is a massive AoE focused on Cerberus himself – just run to a corner of the arena to avoid this.

Make way for the Ice King: King Frost

Persona 5 Strikers King Frost

The 3rd Bonus Boss Request in Persona 5 Strikers, “Make way for the Ice King”, asks you to face King Frost in the Sapporo jail. King Frost appears to be at level 65. He is also a giant asshole. At least you get there by snowboarding downhill.

His weaknesses and strengths are what you would expect: he drain the ice, override Bless, And it is weak to fire. Equally expected are his attacks, which are mostly ice-based, save for the weapon-based flash bomb and a basic attack. And initially, it will seem pretty simple; Their attacks are not difficult to avoid and you should have many People who can deal with them. Similarly, you can use the ice blocks around the field as cover should you need it.

Lilith and Trumpeter are solid options here. Lilith overrides Ice and has access to Maragidyne, while Trumpeter drains Ice, so most of King Frost’s attacks will heal. However, if you’re using Lilith, be careful not to use her Persona Attack in the middle of a melee combo – she’s Mabufudyne, so actually heal King Frost.

Persona 5 Strikers King Frost 2

So far, very easy. The hard part is that King Frost doesn’t fight alone. He will routinely summon entire hordes of raised Jack Frosts, who will throw snowballs at you. that are not ice elementals. You can very, very You are easily stunned to death with 20 snowballs that come out of nowhere and slap you, and these things seem to have a habit of inflicting Dizzy on you as well.

The only character to stand out here is Ann, who works like a full glass cannon and is as risky as she is potentially effective. Agidyne and Maragidyne are incredibly useful in damaging both Jack Frost’s boss and hordes. Not only that, but with Soul Thief and its fire-infused whip mode, it will routinely inflict Burn and regain all of its SP, and its wide-range combos can also take out hordes easily. Low? She will die if someone as much as breathe about his. If you want to take it with you, you’ll have to take control of it yourself, and you’ll probably want an accessory that overrides Dizzy or Freeze to boot. If you are not confident, you may want to bring someone except its.

Stop the little imp strutting: Black Frost

Persona 5 Strikers Black Frost

After the frozen hell that was King Frost, you’d probably expect Black Frost, the fourth Additional Boss Request in Persona 5 Strikers – and the boss you will face in “Stop the little imp strutting”, to be worse. But in a way, it’s … incredibly easy.

Black frost drains ice attacks Y nullifies both the fire and the curse. Not only that, but it is strong to ice. His only one weakness is blessed. Most of his attacks are ice-based, although he has some physical abilities like Deathbound, and he also loves to use Evil Smile.

The sand works a lot in your favor here. You can use the buses to hide from the snowballs it throws (or just keep running in a circle), and Mabufudyne is another attack you can jump on.

Sophia is an obvious choice considering she does double duty with Bless attacks and healing. Haru is also a great option, as it should have Heat Riser to greatly improve your stats, and Amrita Drop or Amrita Shower can remove status effects. As for your fourth party member? Morgana, Ryuji, and Zenkichi are solid picks. I’d go with Zenkichi myself, but any of them will work.

Dragon Slayer enters Fray: Siegfried

Persona 5 Strikers Siegfried

Siegfried, the boss you will face for the “Dragon Slayer Enter the Battle” request, doesn’t have many tricks, but he hits hard. The only item that void is electric… but is he strong for both ice and physique, which means your basic combos won’t do much good. Fortunately, it is weak to both wind and nuclear weapons.

The biggest annoyance here is its resistance to physical damage, because that dramatically increases the duration of the fight. Not only that, but Siegfried loves using Heat Riser to further improve his stats. Basically expect this fight to take a while.

Every attack I scored was physical, so anything I resist or nullify will neutralize it a bit. Megaton Raid is a directional blast, Vorpal Blade is an AoE around it, while Giant Slice makes it run towards someone while dealing damage around them. The other notable attack is a variant of the Megaton raid. Basically, it will disappear and a bright spot will appear on the ground. After a short period of time, it will crash into the place, dealing damage there and sending a massive shock wave through the arena. Either jump on that shock wave or stand on one of the pillars to avoid it.

Siegfried is not a difficult fight, it is just one that will probably take some time.

The Twisted Nightmare Rises: Mara

Persona 5 Strikers Mara

This is a Shin Megami Tensei game then of course you’re going to have to fight the grooved wheeled penis that is Mara. The throbbing king of desire is the boss of the “Twisted Nightmare Rises” application, and … it’s actually really easy. As long as you can stop laughing or shrugging off him. Somehow, it’s not a surprise that he shows up in Okinawa jail either, especially considering that his boss’s arena is the Cage of Desolation.

Mara has a lot of resistances. Specifically: he drain the fire, he override both Gun and Curse, and he is strong for both Nuke and Bless. On the other hand, it is weak to Psi, because obviously mental attacks are the best way to deflate a giant dong.

The only attack I bothered to score for Mara was Mararagidyne, and that’s because I had to take my hat off to that spell name. You can avoid it by running away from it. Almost every other attack he has can be dodged by running and jumping, including the one that follows you and hits you.

Haru is an obvious choice for Psi damage (especially if you have her Master Art that allows you to extend a Psi cast for an extended period). Zenkichi is generally a good choice for anything due to his skill set. After that, it really is up to you. Sophia is a capable healer, although Mara is strong to bless. Ann is risky since Mara drains the fire, but she won’t take as much damage as usual. Honestly though, I’d probably go with whoever you feel most comfortable with. Almost any of the crooks can work in the quarter slot.

Angel of Contracts Descends: Metatron

Metatron P5S

The final bonus boss request at Persona 5 Strikers (at least, until you scroll down …) is the Shadow of God himself: Metatron. Before getting into the fight itself, I want to issue a big warning. If you have accepted this Request and then go and do the final boss fight, winning that fight will place you straight into Metatron’s fight. Naturally, this means that you will have to do both in a row without any chance of being cured. With that out of the way, here’s how to defeat the tallest of angels.

Interestingly, the Metatron resistors are not what you expected. Don’t bless the resistance, here. Instead, Metatron drain both Psi and Nuke Y nullify the wind, but it is weak to lightning and curse.

Metatron’s attacks are mostly Blessed and Physical, although after you bring him down to about 50% health, they will also trigger some Almighty attacks. At the same time, it will generate a load of Kali enemies to occupy it. At 25% health, he will summon in Basic Shadows, and then as his health drops further, he will bring in more Kali and some enemies from the Domain to try and slow you down.

Yatagarasu is a Excellent Person’s choice for most of this fight as it nullifies Bless attacks and should have electric attacks to hit those weaknesses. The only dangerous place is when Metatron summons in the basic shadows with lower health, as spider tanks and flyers have weapon attacks, to which Yatagarasu is weak. Maybe switch to something else to eliminate them, like Thor.

Megiddo’s attacks aren’t too difficult to dodge, but Metatron uses two variants of Sword Dance that are worth mentioning. The basic tracks you and hits where you were standing, so just keep running towards the blades stop falling to avoid this. The second is used after Metatron teleports, and this is just a barrage of swords flying straight at you. Be careful to immediately close the distance after teleportation, or run straight towards or away from Metatron when you see this happen.

If you are fit to take on the final boss (which is a must to open this Request, if I remember correctly), then you are ready to take down Metatron.

And with that, all additional bosses via Requests are ready! Except … wait …

Knocking on death’s door: The Grim Reaper

P5S the reaper 2

Yes. The game’s final challenge, unlocked after doing everything else (including, I think, Dire Shadows) is a request to take on The Reaper. This is also the Request that unlocks the New Game + mode, so you’ll have to do it eventually if you want to access the New Game + specific stuff.

The Grim Reaper has without resistance or weaknessesand uses all the elements of the book, so you can bring whoever you want. The best thing I can do here, really, is warn them that he hits hard and fast, and review his attacks. To be successful here, you will need to remember how to dodge most of these attacks (or bring in a billion healing items). Still, the Reaper is a “fair” boss, he’s tricky, but not stupidly overpowered. This is not your typical Atlus bonus boss.

Mabufudyne: Elemental AoE of ice around Reaper.
Magarudyne: The eddies form in front of the direction the Grim Reaper is facing and then shoot out in a cone shape.
Maragidyne: The fireballs point where you are standing and attack you. Keep running.
Maziodyne: This points to a point on the ground that then explodes in a shock wave across the sand. Try to stay away from that place and jump the shock wave.
Psiodin: A circular indicator will follow, which will then explode on the cast of Psiodyne. The downside is that Reaper will usually cast something else before Psiodyne’s cast ends, so you’ll probably have something else to dodge at the same time.
Freidyne: A fairly simple directed blast.
Region: The Reaper rushes across the arena, leaving Curse’s explosions behind.

P5s The Reaper

Once the Reaper drops to 50% HP, he recovers some new attacks.

Megidolaon: Another directed blast that hits where you stand. As far as I know, this cannot be avoided by running. I have to dodge this or eat the damage.
Riot Gun: Repeated shots aimed at a member of the group, followed by a large charged shot.

If the Reaper also uses Kougaon, I didn’t see it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Aside from these, the Reaper uses nameless weapon attacks to deal heavy damage. Either he will shoot directly in front of himself, or he will shoot in a 180 degree arc in the direction he is facing. They both hit surprisingly hard, but they’re Gun attacks, so any Person who resists or nullifies Gun is useful.

Okay. With that, you are Really done with the Request bonus bosses, and also with the game. Turn in this Request to get the Joker’s Ultimate Weapon (before New Game +, at least) and then head to the Velvet Room to unlock New Game +.

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