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Phosani’s Nightmare is returning for real in Old School RuneScape



Released in March 2020, Phosani’s Nightmare was released on Old school RuneScape as a hardmode version of The Nightmare. The Nightmare is a boss located in Morytania that drops valuable unique items such as the Nightmare Staff, the Inquisitor’s Mace, and the Harmonized Orb. The hardmode version only lasted a week after its initial release before its removal.

At launch, Phosani’s Nightmare had some limitations. For one thing, players could only fight him once a week. That made it have zero agricultural potential. Also, Phosani’s Nightmare existed primarily as a competition. It didn’t perform well as meaningful content outside of that competition.

The new and improved nightmare

At the time, Jagex’s Mod Acorn claimed that the studio wanted to test the boss to see if it would be worth doing “something like this in the future.” That future has arrived and Phosani’s Nightmare is returning to Old school RuneScape like a full-featured boss. A release date has not yet been confirmed as Jagex is conducting a survey to allow players to provide feedback on their initial suggestions.

Jagex has suggested several changes to help differentiate Phosani’s Nightmare from its regular counterpart. These changes include increased sentence misuse damage, random phase rotations, more frequent special attacks, and a completely new phase for players to learn.

Old School Runescape Phosani's Nightmare New Pet

The new boss pet can only be purchased as an exclusive release from Phosani’s Nightmare.

As for why players will want to make this boss, the rewards will increase compared to The Nightmare of Ashihama. The most notable new installment will be an item that can mutate the existing Little Nightmare pet into a rarer and harder-to-acquire variant. Also, regular loot should improve and the time taken to acquire a unique item is “about 20% faster.”

As before, Phosani’s Nightmare will remain a solo solo encounter. Players will not be able to access the boss until they have killed The Nightmare of Ashihama at least once. It should be a boss that elite PvM players can take full advantage of to acquire much improved loot.

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