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Plaid Hat Previews More Polar Dwarves for Summoner Wars



April 8, 2021 by Polar_Bear

I was just walking the parapet, glancing around when I stumbled upon the latest Summoner Wars preview from Plaid Hat Games. Take a look at a few other Polar Dwarves cards in their decks.

Extract from the article:

Welcome Summoners! The polar dwarves have been busy at work since the last glimpse, building new icy structures to dig into. Discover the parapet!

Yet another structure map for Svara to move, the Parapet fits perfectly into the polar dwarfs’ plane. Structures often shape the flow of battle by being obstacles that block attacks and must be bypassed. For units at a distance from the polar dwarves, this disadvantage is completely mitigated since your units can attack through parapets without restriction! As Svara pushes her avalanche of structures forward, she and other ranged units can chain up with volleys of icy damage!

Perhaps no character enjoys the cover of Parapets better than Nadiana. Its strength lies in its Superior Frostbolt ability, gaining +1 Strength for each nearby friendly structure! Once locked in an icy fortress, Nadiana can hold back the alleys with very dangerous force! If Nadiana needed to move again, Svara is there to help rearrange the furniture and let Nadiana keep the pressure on!


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