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Playstation 5 UI Has Been Revealed But What Has Changed?  



With the PS5 coming out in less than a month. It looks like we finally have near enough all the information we need about the console. Now that the UI (User Interface) has finally been revealed in a 10 minute trailer. If you don’t want to watch the full trailer, we’ve got you covered here at Gamestingr. The PS4 UI does feel very outdated now after having near enough the same look since its release close to 7 years ago. There’s no surprise that we are looking at the PS4 and thinking ‘well this looks bad.’ The PS5 though, looks to change this up massively. Going down a simplistic route.

Trophy hunters and Helpful guides at every corner 

One of the bigger changes that has come to the UI is the new way to find trophies and guides. Now you won’t have to go find a trophy guide or a guide to get past a tough part of the game. This will now be part of the UI. This looks to be mostly used for trophy hunting. As it seems like guides to complete missions could ruin the experience of the game. With some of the trophies being stupidly hard to find, so this could be pretty helpful. 

Some helpful features 

There are some other little helpful features added to the UI which could be helpful for some but could ruin the immersion of the game. This being the new timing system set in place to tell you how long a mission will take. Knowing how long the mission will take could kill the in-game immersion. The new UI at first look, looks very clean and simplistic.  

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