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PM dies during operation in Alemão; UPP base was attacked



Movement of police during operation in Complexo do AlemãoReginaldo Pimenta/O Dia Agency

Published 07/21/2022 07:18 | Updated 07/21/2022 10:25

Rio – A military policeman died during a joint operation in Complexo do Alemão, in the North Zone, early this Thursday morning (21). The Fazendinha Police Pacification Unit (UPP), located in the region, was the target of attacks by criminals. According to the Military and Civil Police, agents from the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) and the Special Resources Coordination (Core) are carrying out an action in the region.

The Military Police reported that suspected drug traffickers in the complex set fire to barricades, poured oil on the road and attacked police officers working in the operation to try to prevent entry and circulation in the area. Since early in the morning, the confrontation between police and criminals has been constant.

According to the corporation, about 400 police officers are working in the operation, four aircraft and ten armored vehicles are also being used. The action aims to curb the presence of criminals from the Complexo do Alemão region who had been carrying out vehicle robberies, mainly in the areas of the Méier, Irajá and Pavuna neighborhoods.

According to residents, the shooting in Alemão began in the late hours of the morning. Some complain that, due to the intense shooting, it is not possible to leave the house to work. Helicopters flying over the region were also recorded. A video showed an armored car through the streets of the place. A water tank ended up bursting after being hit by gunfire.

See the video:

Due to the atypical confrontation in the region, health units and schools stopped working on Thursday morning. According to the Municipal Health Department (SMS-Rio), the Zilda Arns and Rodrigo Roig Family Clinics activated the safer access protocol and, for the safety of professionals and users, are suspended.

The Municipal Secretary of Education (SME) and the Secretary of the State of Education (Seeduc-RJ) reported that municipal and state school units in Rio de Janeiro are in recess due to school holidays, so they are closed.

In addition, the Military Police is carrying out an integrated action with the operation in Complexo do Alemão, in the communities of Juramento and Juramentinho, in the neighborhoods of Vicente de Carvalho and Tomas Coelho. Police officers from the 41st BPM (Irajá), together with agents from the 9th BPM (Rocha Miranda), 14th BPM (Bangu), 31st BPM (Recreio), 27th BPM (Santa Cruz) and 40th BPM (Campo Grande) work in the regions.

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