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PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes: Who Do I Pick?



Still deciding on your Path of Exile Class? Here’s a helpful explanation of the PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes to help you decide if The Duelist Class is what you want to go with. Here, I’ll discuss the following: The Slayer, The Gladiator, and The Champion.

PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes

The Slayer Ascendancy

PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

The Slayer Ascendancy is, as you may have realised from the name, an offensive subclass that focuses on attacks. They can be effective at killing bosses if built correctly. However, they can also utilize a number of longevity skills which involve life-stealing. The Slayer Ascendancy can hit hard and keep hitting in the thick of a fight. No judge. No jury. Just the Executioner.

The Gladiator Ascendancy

PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

The Gladiator Ascendancy is a subclass that offers a solid balance of speed, power, and protection. They are best-used when dual-wielding one-handed weapons or combining one with a shield. On top of all this, the subclass covers two areas of Path of Exile. These are: block effectiveness, and maximising it; and, increasing the bleed effect. This makes the gladiator a solid pick in any combat scenario.

The Champion Ascendancy

PoE Duelist Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

This Ascendancy subclass is probably the most balanced of the three while also offering a solid degree of support. The Champion Ascendancy can act as a tank if needed through his moderate toughness and debuffs. His self-preservation abilities grant him good survivability. He can even Fortify himself permanently alongside increasing armour rating and evasion rates.

Did this help you decide on The Duellist Class? No?

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