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PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes: Who Do I Pick?



Still deciding on your Path of Exile Class? Here’s a helpful explanation of the PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes to help you decide if The Marauder Class is what you want to go with. Here, I’ll discuss the following: The Juggernaut, The Berserker, and The Chieftain.

PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes

The Juggernaut Ascendancy

PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

The Juggernaut Ascendancy is primarily a tank class. Their Passive Skills include Endurance Charge Duration, a number of armour increases, and both attack and movement speed bonuses. Essentially they’re really tough, yet quick and impactful enough to make a dent in any opponent easily. They can also utilize offensive stun and accuracy bonuses in certain builds making them much more of a one-man-army. 

The Berserker Ascendancy

PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

The Berserker Ascendancy is all about damage output and survival in the thick of a fight. Their Passive Skills include increases for physical damage attacks, attack speed, and critical strike chance, and life leeching. A player using this class can also build their character in a variety of ways to fit their play-style. You can put your focus on critical strikes, or attack damage. They may have costs but work well with others.

The Chieftain Ascendancy

PoE Marauder Ascendancy Classes
Credit: Gamepedia

The Chieftain Ascendancy is focused around fire damage and the use of totems. They offer players a healthy balance between the advantages of fire damage and buffs for others. Totems can be used to leech life, increase endurance charge generation, and more. Meanwhile, they can also utilize damage bonuses through conversion and penetration. They make for a tough player when built right!

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