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Pokemon GO Continues Soaring In Revenue During The Epidemic



Pokemon GO Continues Soaring In Revenue During The Epidemic


Pandemic Covid-19 makes many people fortunate to stay at home, including gamers, to break the chain of distribution.

But shocking news if you know the Pokemon Go game that requires players to leave the house to catch Pokemon actually make a fantastic income amid this coronavirus.

A game income report found that Pokemon GO was the best in 2020.

As quoted from the Sensor Tower report via Gamerant, Tuesday (3/31/2020), Pokemon Go made the highest income at the beginning of the week of March 16, 2020.

During the week, this game has made a profit of USD 23 million or equivalent to more than USD 6 million in the previous week.

While the highest income obtained by Niantic Labs in 2020, occurred on February 3, which even reached USD 17 million.

This spike is due to Niantic’s feature updates so that Pokemon Go players can still play the game in person.

Including the level of spawning Pokemon which is more localized in the player’s house so they don’t have to go out looking for Pokemon, besides the eggs that hatch twice as fast.

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