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Pokémon Go Halloween Mischief 2021 Item Bundles: Creepy Crate, Boo Bundle, and Pumpkin Pack



Pokémon Go is known to have special item bundles available in the shop for their biggest events, and they have made no except for Halloween Mischief 2021. During the event (starting on Oct. 15 and ending on Oct. 31), players can find three new haunting item bundles for purchase.

Each bundle will have its own image and feature a unique collection of items. Players are encouraged to purchase whichever one suits their fancy, as they have a different crate for each player depending on how they play the game. The following list explains what is in each crate and how much it costs.

  • Creepy Crate
    • Cost: 480 PokéCoins
    • Contents: 50 Poké Balls, one Remote Raid Pass, two Super Incubators, four Incense
  • Boo Bundle (Good for players who Raid!)
    • Contents: 16 Premium Raid Passes, eight Super Incubators, four Incense, four Star Pieces
  • Pumpkin Pack (Good for players who Adventure!)
    • Contents: 18 Super Incubators, two Incubators, four Incense, four Star Pieces

These packs will be available throughout the entire season, so no need to fret if you can’t play for the first couple days!

To see more information about the event, check out our article for Pokémon Go Halloween Mischief 2021!

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