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Pokemon Go: Tips For Trainers Getting Involved In Go Fest This Year



Pokemon Go remains as popular as ever and this year trainers that play the game will be part of something very special as Go Fest takes place. However, unlike previous years, this one is particularly different as it is called Go Fest at Home. This ensures that players getting involved will not break the social distancing rules that are in place around the world.


However, the fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean that there will be a worse experience, and these are some of the tips that you should follow to ensure that you get everything that you want out of the experience.


Pokemon Go: Organise Your Pokemon


You are going to be catching a lot of Pokemon during Go Fest at Home, which means that you will need to organise the Pokemon that you have in your box. You should transfer the Pokemon that you have no reason to keep in your party, which means that there could be some tricky decision to be made. This may be time consuming but it is an essential tips that all trainers should follow.


Pokemon Go: Stock Up On Items


With just days to go before the Fest gets underway, this should be the perfect time to start saving up on all the items that you will need throughout. That includes stocking up on Pokeballs as you will be using an awful lot. Also, you should make sure that you have enough incenses and berries. The latter of which will ensure that you are able to capture Pokemon more efficiently when you find them. Revives and Max Potions will also be needed for trainers that are going to get involved in raids.


Pokemon Go: Trading


Trades have become an easy way to get shiny Pokemon during the Fest in recent years and this will once again be the case. You can line up trades that you want to make with other trainers now to ensure that you don’t miss out on making any trades. You should also plan these before organising your Pokemon, as you may want to get rid of some of them during the trades. But, just because you’re going to get shiny Pokemon, trades are fundamentally important during the Fest.

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