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Pokemon Masters’ latest message to players details an upcoming Egg event, Seasonal Sync Pair and more | Articles



Pokemon Masters producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi released their 12th message to players today. He discusses their plans for the game’s first anniversary and other updates to come in August.

Throughout the month of August, players can expect to see the first egg-related event that will focus on bug-type Pokémon. During this period, players will be able to get eggs that hatch in Scyther and Pinsir, with a chance that they can be shiny. Additionally, if players use a bug sync pair during the event, this will increase their chances of getting an egg.

A seasonal sync pair will also be added to the game soon. This will see Steven team up with an Alolan Sandlash. Sasaki and Iguchi have also confirmed that there will be another seasonal sync pair added to the game, although they have yet to reveal who it is.

In late July, an update will also introduce a feature called Type Skills. This will activate when you form a team of two or more synchronization pairs of the same type and increase the strength of your team. Other similar buffs should be introduced in the future, based on conditions other than the type.

The year-long celebrations will begin in August where players can participate in a legendary event against Palkia. Another feature that will arrive in late August will be the Champions Stadium where you will face members of Elite Four and champions from different regions. The emerging victors will apparently give players a new way to strengthen their sync pairs.

Finally, the latest update in July should introduce the new training zone into the game mentioned above. He will also see a trial launch of the endurance system where player feedback will be closely monitored.

Pokemon Masters is now available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free game with in-app purchases.

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