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Pokemon Sword And Shield: Three Of The Most Difficult Pokemon To Evolve In Pokemon Sword And Shield



Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the most celebrated Pokemon games of all-time. The feelings of disappointment from fans when the Pokemon that were going to be included in the game are now a distant thing of the past. Many trainers favourite Pokemon were added with the recent DLC pack, which enabled trainers to explore the Isle of Amor.


Meanwhile, even more past favourites are likely to be added when the second DLC is released later this year. It has been warmly received as it is somewhat more difficult compared to previous games, and one of the ways in which it is harder is evolving Pokemon. These are three of the toughest to evolve in the game.


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Larvitar


There are a wide number of new Pokemon that have been added to the game as new additions, but Larvitar remains one of the most time-consuming to evolve. Not to mention, he is also one of the more difficult to find. Players will have to spend a lot of time around the Lake of Outrage to find one. If you find him earlier in the game, then you will need to level him up to 30 to get him to evolve into a Pupitar. Trainers will then have to continue working hard to level him up to 55 to finally get the famous Tyranitar.


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Sliggoo


One of the more loved Pokemon out of the new ones is Sloiggoo, but evolving him could be a potential nightmare. Players will be able to get this Pokemon by evolving Gloomy at level 40, or by catching him around the Lake of Outrage when there are thunderstorms. However, the difficult evolution is that of Sliggoo to Goodra. Players looking to get the dragon Pokemon will have to get Sliggoo to level 50 and it also much be raining for it to evolve.


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Karrablast & Shelmet


Undoubtedly the hardest two Pokemon to evolve are Karrablast and Shelmet. They are a joint entry as they have to be traded with each other in order to evolve. That makes life very difficult for Pokemon Sword and Shield players. The trade is worth it in the long run however, as both Escavalier and Accelgor are wonderful additions to the teams of trainers on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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