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Pokemon Sword And Shield: Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose At The Beginning Of The Game?



Every Pokemon games with a tricky decision right at the start, as new trainers must select which Pokemon that they want to start their game with. It could be argued that the Red and Blue game decision of choosing between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander was one of the most difficult, with all of them offering something differing. The same can be said for the selection at the beginning of Pokemon Sword and Shield. But, which choice should players make just five minutes into starting their journey?


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Sobble


It’s hard to ignore the water Pokemon when you first start a new game, as they are generally more versatile. That is the case when it comes to this game too, as trainers picking Sobble will have an immediate advantage, However, the first two gyms may be somewhat of a struggle, but as soon as it comes to the third gym then Sobble is in its element. We also can’t ignore the fact that trainers will be able to evolve Sobble into Drizzile and then Inteleon. The latter of which is a fine addition to any party.


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Scorbunny


Scorbunny is an extremely popular pick with trainers, and not just because it looks cute. He is a Pokemon that needs to be kept busy at all times and is hugely energetic. Selecting this Pokemon will give trainers the perfect chance to get ahead quickly as the first gym is a water one. However, he will likely struggle at the next two. However, having a fire-type Pokemon is always a solid option for trainers and there are more than enough electric and grass Pokemon to catch to ensure that you have few problems in the first gyms. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that this starter evolves into first Raboot and then the hugely popular Cinderace.


Pokemon Sword And Shield: Grookey


Finally we get to Grookey, who for some reason is the Pokemon that is overlooked by the majority of trainers at the beginning of Sword and Shield. Grookey will also struggle at the first and third gyms as he comes up against grass and then fire-types. However, coming up against Water in the second gym will be when he is dominant. Grookey evolves into first Thwackey and then Rillaboom, both of whom have a fascination with playing the drums

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